Add a Chatbot to Your Event Staff for a Better Experience for All

Event organizing is a complex business on its own, but it gets even more complex when you add in the huge volume of questions that can occur in the weeks and days leading up to an event or at the event itself. 

Staying organized and focused is the key to success in events, and having event staff that can take care of guests is part of that success. Making sure your team doesn’t get overwhelmed when crowds of event-goers come through those doors looking for food and directions and asking questions about which bracelet gets them into what room and where they can check their swords and lightsabers and fix their costumes (you cosplaying event organizers know what we’re talking about). 

This all adds up to a lot of questions for your staff and potential confusion for your guests if they start to get different answers from different people. 

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Have you ever been to an event where the website said one thing (probably written weeks in advance and then forgotten about when things changed on the ground) and then the signs at the event contradicted that advice? What do you do then? You go to ask the nearest person in a uniform. And that person has been asked the same question 600 times that day. They roll their eyes when they hear it for the 601st time from you. And you think to yourself, “What did I do? I wouldn’t even have to ask this question if this event could get its info straight.”

Everyone in this scenario gets a little grumpy. Will it ruin the event? Probably not, but there’s a way to avoid headaches for everyone (and negative social media posts!) and make the event experience a lot smoother for all. If you want your event to go off without a hitch, you need to consider adding a chatbot to your event staff.

What Is a Chatbot and How Would One Help My Event Staff?

A chatbot is a piece of software that is designed to mimic a human conversation. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to understand a question, even if that question is worded in different ways. Our chatbots, which we call “EventBots,” are really smart and use Conversational A.I. to understand that the question “where can I park at the event?” could also be asked as “is parking free?” or “where might a gentleman leave his carriage during tonight’s glorious soiree?” (That last one would be tricky, but we could program for it.) 

Think of an EventBot as your event’s personalized Siri that uses text to answer questions specifically about your event. 

Though the chatbot can have a certain level of learning and intuition, its responses are still written by trained conversation designers to avoid responses that might sound normal to a machine but not to you or me. See any of those “script written by A.I.” videos on YouTube and you’ll know why you want to avoid that. And, because a conversation designer crafts your responses, they can engineer the perfect tone for your audience. So, if you’re hosting a birder convention, your bot can include birdwatching jargon in responses. This does wonders to help build engagement with your guests. 

Why Chatbots Are So Helpful as a Member of Your Event Staff

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a chatbot for your next event:

  • As events return after pandemic closures, event staffing will become more difficult as many employees left for greener pastures during the shutdowns. 
  • Even the employees you were able to retain during the pandemic will be rusty.
  • With chatbots answering hundreds of mundane questions with near-perfect efficiency, time is freed up for you and your staff to focus on more important problems. 
  • A chatbot never gets tired, bored, or angry, answering exactly the way you want every time. And, it can be deployed quickly - in as little as 20 minutes for a simple case, but even the most complex set-up only requires 6-8 weeks to get going.
  • Our chatbots have a 95% correct response rate, meaning you won’t have two employees giving guests different information.
  • Chatbots can work all day and all night if that’s what you need them to do!
  • While an event app can work for some attendees, a chatbot enables you to reach any attendee that can text, which is virtually everyone. 

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