New Event Technology Sounds Great, but Which Event App Do You Choose?

I don’t have to tell you, an event organizer, that reviewing, choosing, and implementing the latest event technology can be bewildering. The vendors are all saying that their tech will create an amazing event experience, save time and money, and make you a hero with your clients, bosses, and event attendees. Sounds great! But which do you choose?

It's helpful to start with this question: How will this event technology help your attendees accomplish their goals at the event? What are their “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD)?

Can the Event Technology Get the Job Done?

The JTBD theory, developed by famed Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, is simple: customers “hire” products to do specific jobs at a specific moment in time and will choose the product that helps do that job in the easiest way at the lowest total cost (in money, time, effort, or emotional energy).

Your event attendee’s “jobs” are usually questions to be answered:

  • What’s the agenda?
  • What should I wear?
  • What’s for lunch? 
  • When’s the bar open? 
  • Is the bar free? 

To get these answers, they might go through this thought process:

  • Digging through the event website would take too much time.
  • Sending an email means waiting for who-knows-how-long.
  • I could try the event app , but I’d have to download it, sign in, and navigate all the menus.
  • Maybe I should just ask the event staff, but then I need to walk over there and wait in line.
  • Ugh!

A Conversational A.I. chatbot (from award-winning 42Chat) can get those jobs done better (no matter the size or type of event) and do so much more.

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A Bot Will Reduce the Friction and May Even Have Your Attendees Talking About “Love”

Interacting with a 42Chat EventBot is as simple as sending a text. Everyone can text. It’s almost always on the first screen of our phones and can be opened quickly. Just enter the phone number for the EventBot and text like you would with a family member or friend. Your attendees will love, and rave about, how quick and easy it is.

We offer more than just speed. Our event bots can answer questions phrased in millions of different ways and do the “job” instantly, with a 95%+ correct response rate. And since it’s designed to be conversational, it never sounds scripted or robotic.

A Bot Lets You Talk to Attendees Like an Individual, Not a Number

Once you have an attendee talking to your bot, they have freely given you their phone number, which can be tied back to your CRM. That means the bot can deliver personalized responses. If a conference VIP asks “where’s dinner,” they will receive a different response than a regular attendee. If a wedding guest asks what table they’re sitting at, the bot can tell them exactly which one. 

And rather than waiting for the attendee to engage, your bot can provide just-in-time information to create a great experience. Imagine going to a conference and getting a message that reads “Here is a link to your badge to speed you through check-in.”

This is done automatically and at scale, providing both personalized support and lower total cost.  

A Bot Won’t Be Deleted Like an Event App, So You Can Keep the Conversation Going

Unlike mobile apps or emails, which we regularly delete or rarely read, text doesn’t go away (when was the last time you actually deleted a text?). This means the channel stays open to communicate with your attendees all year long.  

And no, we don’t mean blasting meaningless marketing messages to them. We’re talking about building a true 1:1 relationship with targeted messages and timely information that will be valued. When you strike that balance, you’ll see increased stickiness, improve your brand perception, and create a virtuous cycle of insight and deeper connection. 

What Can Event Technology Do For You? Download Our Audience Engagement E-Book to Learn More.

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