Sorry, but No One Really Wants to Download and Use Your Event App

When you’re organizing an event – whether it's a conference, festival, tournament, or even a wedding – you want to create an amazing attendee experience. A happy attendee will rave about it to their friends and on social, require less support, and return for your next event.

Technology can help, but many event organizers have gone down the event app rabbit hole only to be disappointed. It’s like whatever one you choose, no matter how many bells and whistles it has, people still don’t want to use it. Welcome to the world of “app fatigue,” where your attendees may be willing to use it, but do they really want to use it? And even if they do agree to download it, will they really use it and turn on notifications? And how quickly will they delete the event app after the event is over?

What’s a hard-working, well-intentioned event organizer to do? 

Don’t Give Your Attendees an Event App, Give Them Something That Solves Their Problem

At 42Chat, we’re in the business of delivering on “wants.” Our award-winning Conversational A.I. chatbots use text to reach attendees where they already are – their cellphones – with no downloads or endless scrolling through your website. Attendees simply text their question in natural language and get an instant response from a conversational and fun-branded “Siri like” bot.

Why should you believe us? Because 42Chat is the leader in building and deploying Conversational A.I. chatbots over text through more than 10 million conversations.  

Let us show you how by diving into examples: a conference, a festival, a tournament, and a wedding.

One Channel to Elevate the Conference Experience

When you’re organizing a conference, it’s a lot to manage check-in, put out fires, and answer the same questions over and over. Especially frustrating is the fact that you’ve sent multiple emails and maybe invested in an event app, which no one takes the time to read.

Enter: ConferenceBot. While you help the opening speaker, who’s hopelessly lost somewhere downtown, your ConferenceBot will be delivering personalized conference badges to attendees’ phones and instantly answering questions like:

  • Where are the bathrooms?
  • Where can I find a particular exhibitor?
  • Who are the sponsors?
  • What are the dates for next year’s conference?

The bot can push out messages too, everything from changes to the schedule and requests for feedback to emergency notifications.  

More Fun (and Edgy) Than Your Event App

Festival organizing is one of those jobs that your mom and friends think is all excitement and glamour. Meanwhile, you spent the Foo Fighters’ whole set stressing about the pyrotechnics and answering questions about who’s serving vegan food.

FestivalBot will save you time by taking the million little routine questions off your and your team’s plates, and do it with a unique name and personality that extends your brand. Does your brand have some edge? Your bot’s voice can too🤘, while responding to questions like:

  • What’s the artist lineup?
  • Where can I get a map of the event? 
  • What food vendors are there?
  • Where can I find the water?

In the event of schedule change or emergency, the bot can quickly push out texts to everyone, instructing them about where to go. And since text has a 98% open rate, you know your message will be received and read.

Supercharge the Fan Experience at Your Tournament

There’s nothing like the energy of tourneys. The players are excited. The fans are excited. And you’re on the sidelines, making sure they stay that way. Whether you run a team, tournament, or league for a day, week, month, or full season, the bot will be there to help. 

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) came to 42Chat to help them engage with fans through their 14-week schedule across 12 major US markets. PLL used their 42Chat bot, Slash, to engage with fans before, during, and after the games. 

Slash was trained to provide answers on over 100 different topics asked in more than 10 million different ways. A fan could search the roster or learn about lacrosse rules. Or they could ask about ticketing and merch sales or look up a sponsor. And they did. When the PLL came to Salt Lake City, Slash was ready to engage with the lacrosse community, generating $100,000 in ticket sales with just two texts.

Fans loved using Slash and were super engaged. That meant they were paying attention and feeling positive when notifications offering merch discounts were sent out. These discounts had a staggering 45% clickthrough rate.

WeddingBot Handles the Questions so You Can Focus on Love, Not Logistics

When you’re getting married, you fuss over every detail and know exactly how it will play out. That makes you the expert, and your friends and family members are going to descend on you for answers. 

While you enjoy your big day, 42Chat’s WeddingBot will give your guests instant answers to questions like:

  • Is there a special room rate for guests? How much? At what hotel? How do I book?
  • How do I get to the venue?
  • Will the reception be indoors or out?
  • Where are the bathrooms?
  • Where did the bride and groom first meet?

WeddingBot is helpful after the wedding, too. Imagine sending a single text message to your list and getting all of their addresses for the thank you cards.

Can Your Event App Do All That?

The difference between willing to and want to often comes down to something as simple as how easy it is to connect. Websites can be useful, but they require clicking and scrolling around to hopefully find the answer you are looking for. An event app can provide rich content and a cool interface, but at the cost of requiring attendees to download a new app that they don’t want or need. And asking event staff is great, but it means finding them and hoping they were trained in the question you are going to ask.

The beauty of our Conversational A.I. chatbots is that there’s almost no friction. Everyone can text, and texting takes seconds.

As an event organizer, having your attendees connect through text is nothing short of magical. You now have a way to instantly engage with each individual 1:1. The more you engage, the deeper the insights and understanding, and the more targeted and impactful your messaging can be. When you strike that balance, stickiness increases, your brand perception improves, and you create a virtuous cycle of insight and deeper connection. 

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