Sick of Answering the Same Questions? Let This Wedding App Handle Them

You’re getting married! There’s so much to do before the big day. You’ve been working with your wedding planner for months – maybe even years – fussing over every detail: flowers, food, picking the perfect venue for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, seating arrangements and on and on. 

You’re the expert, and your friends and family members are all looking to you for answers. Imagine walking down the aisle, arm-in-arm with your partner, when you’re interrupted by your very pregnant college roommate who desperately needs to find the bathroom.

That’s not part of the fairy tale vision for your wedding day, is it? Luckily, the future is here to help, via a wedding app. 

There’s a Wedding App for That

Well not really an app but a text-based A.I. chatbot. Your other wedding app is great for planning the big day, but it won’t help your guests help themselves.

Using 42Chat’s WeddingBot is as easy as texting a friend. 42Chat is an event app development company and the world leader in using Conversational A.I. and text to create amazing event experiences from small weddings to huge festivals. Once you put in your event details, the A.I. can deliver that information to your guests no matter how they phrase their questions. Even your grandparents will get the answers they’re looking for.  

Let’s use your pregnant friend – we’ll call her Dylan – as an example. Here’s how her journey of attending your wedding might go.

Before the Wedding

The first step of her journey is getting her invitation. In addition to the usual details, she notices that there’s a QR code for Mary, your wedding’s virtual concierge, who Dylan can text any time with any question that comes to mind.

Dylan is curious and sends a text to Mary, asking if there’s a special room rate for guests. Mary instantly responds, confirming that, yes, there is a special rate. She provides the rate, the hotel, and a direct link to book a room. Dylan books, easy-breezy.

Day of the Wedding

That morning, Dylan asks Mary for directions to the venue. She gets an instant reply with the name and address of your idyllic barn in the countryside. The address is hyperlinked so it opens in her default map app and lets her know how long the drive will take. When she’s about to leave, Dylan wonders if she’ll need her jacket. She asks Mary for the weather and gets a link to the forecast, along with the message “Don’t worry, the wedding and reception are both indoors.”

She follows the lawn signs to the ceremony location, finding a half circle of chairs by a gorgeous riverbank. Dylan watches the ceremony, happy-crying during the vows, but she’s getting nervous because she needs to use the bathroom and doesn’t know where they are. Mary to the rescue! Instead of racing after you down the aisle, she follows Mary’s directions and is back in time to give you a big hug.

While you’re making heart eyes at your partner during the photo shoot, Dylan admires the stunning flower arrangements and absolutely must know who provided them. She texts Mary, who responds with the name and link to the florist’s website.

After the Wedding

Did you assume Mary turned into a pumpkin at midnight? Think again. Thanks to Mary and this wedding app, you now have all of your guests’ phone numbers. With a single text message, you could ask for their addresses and watch them pour in. Think of how handy that will be when it’s time to send thank you cards. 

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