Can't Find Event Staff on Demand? Here's a Surprising Tech Solution

If you’re struggling right now to find reliable temporary event staff, you’re not alone. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, events disappeared almost overnight, and event organizers, staffing agencies, and general contractors lost upwards of 70% percent of their workforce. 

Event staff lost their jobs, and the data shows that a lot of these workers aren’t returning to the industry as events come back. Temp staffing agencies are having a tough time finding people to fill these roles, and even when they do, 40-50% “day of” no-shows are common. Even the best time management skills in events can only fill some of the gap.

What all this means for you is more stressful events, where you are understaffed and the whole team is spinning plates. It’s not a good experience for your team, which may make them tough to retain, and it’s probably not going to be enjoyable for your guests either. 

But there is a solution to event staff on demand that doesn’t involve relying on hiring and training in a tight labor market. 

Consider a Different Approach to Event Staff on Demand

Chatbots can be used at events to provide guests with information that they need to enjoy their visit (which removes the need for your staff to fill that role). And to talk with these bots, all a guest needs is a phone that can text. 

Chatbots can:

  • Give 95% correct responses to questions your guests need answered. This means you can always count on a chatbot to give correct information at a level a brand-new hire might not match. 
  • Work all day, all night and on holidays, if you need them to. They’re easily scalable, so a chatbot solution can match the staffing needs you have instantly. 
  • Be ready in 20 minutes for a simple job, and even a much more complex set-up only requires 6-8 weeks. 
  • Always be on time and ready to work.
  • Work an entire festival without spreading Covid or needing breaks.
  • Make life easier for your staff by keeping their workload manageable. 

Are you ready to hire the perfect employee?

This Concert Venue Used Chatbots to Supplement Their Event Staff 

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