A New and Better Way to Do Event Staffing

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to or heard about events that suffered from improper event staffing. It’s only a short leap from an event feeling like a luncheon at the White House to an apocalyptic wasteland of angry guests, lost VIPs, and the shrieks of unfed children. Any event planner knows that civilization is just a thin veil waiting to be ripped aside as soon as the buffet runs out of food. 

Small Tasks Can Add Up to an Overwhelming Workload for Your Staff

Part of the reason you’re hiring event staff in the first place is so you can focus on the macro-managing of the event. You’re the general, and you need foot soldiers. But with tight budgets and even tighter deadlines, it’s not always easy to assemble the dream team. And even if you do manage to gather a mighty crew to weather the high seas of your latest glorious event with professionalism and efficiency, you know how much time your staff will spend fielding questions like, “Where can I get coffee?” 

For one guest, this is not much of a problem. But when hundreds of guests repeat that question, suddenly your lean and fearsome crew is busy answering minutiae and not tending the sails, or whatever cool metaphor you prefer. 

Here’s what you do in that situation.  

Meet Your New Event Staffing Solution: Chatbots

You’ve probably interacted with a chatbot before. Maybe to find information on a product you were interested in buying online or getting support for a device you needed repaired. But chatbots have a place in event organizing too; in fact, they can be an ace up your sleeve.

Chatbots are a simple solution to providing information to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of guests - simpler than a complex event app that guests will (or won’t) begrudgingly download. 42Chat’s EventBots work via text, so your guests can get rapid responses to quick questions with ease, leaving you and your staff with much more free time to spend on doing the complex parts of hosting an event. 

The bots are easily customized to match the tone of the event. If you’re hosting an event for C-suite executives, the voice of your chatbot might be businesslike and professional. If you’re hosting a stand-up comedy festival, the chatbot can present all the relevant information along with little jokes and witty remarks to help your guests get hyped. 


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premiere lacrosse league image

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