Why Event Staffing Agencies Are Not the Answer to Labor Shortages

Events are finally coming back! Of course this is good news for anyone who hosts or organizes events and makes their living in this great industry. There’s optimism in the air but, as anyone working in this industry over the past two years knows, there are still plenty of challenges ahead and one of them is event staff. Event staff left the industry in throngs over the past two years, and many are not returning to the industry even as it reboots. 

The Problem with Event Staffing Agencies Right Now

“The Great Resignation” that probably impacted your team is affecting your go-to event staffing agency as well. They lost much of their roster and, unfortunately, many of the ones that are left are unreliable. Events are seeing 40-50% of their temporary “day of” staff not showing up to work, and often when people do show up, they are not as experienced as they tended to be before the pandemic. This means that when you work with event staff agencies, you may not be receiving the same level of service you experienced before the Covid-19 pandemic.

And don't look for general services contractors to pick up the slack. Many lost 90% of their staff during the pandemic with only about 30% returning to the industry.

What You Can Do to Solve This Issue Right Now

If you’re dealing with an event staff that might not be able to handle the same workload that a pre-pandemic staff could, the best way to keep an event running smoothly is to lessen the load. One simple, cost-effective, and scalable way to do that is to add a chatbot to your events staff team. If it’s the right kind of event, this could solve your reliance on event staffing agencies altogether. 

Using Chatbots to Reduce Your Reliance on Event Staffing Agencies

Here are just some of the benefits: 

  • Chatbots are quick to set up. Self-service bots can be ready in 20 minutes, and even the most complex chatbot set-ups only require 6-8 weeks. 
  • Once a chatbot is set up, you’ll never have to worry if it will show up for work. A chatbot won’t get sick (won’t carry Covid, for another thing) and never gets bored. You can ask a chatbot where the parking is 3,000 times and their enthusiasm will never dim. 
  • Chatbots are ridiculously easy to scale. Whether your event has 40 expected guests or 40,000, once a chatbot knows how to talk to one of your guests, it could talk to millions. 


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