How to Improve Your Time Management Skills: Event Staff Tips

You know the situation. On the day of your event, everyone and their uncle is coming to you with questions, because you’re the one running the show. People are people, and people need food, places to park, places to address their urgent bathroom business, and a million other concerns that are part of the job but also take up a lot of your time, leaving you running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

It’s easy for an event to turn into a train wreck if you or your staff are waylaid by every guest who has an understandable but time-consuming question. 


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Manage Your Time and Organize a Top-Tier Event

The problem is, even though you have great time management skills already, you need something to help you and your event staff answer all these questions. Because no matter how good you are, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

You deserve the time to really do the job you are meant to do: problem-solving. If you and your staff are overwhelmed, you might want to consider an artificial intelligence solution

Improve Your Event Staff Time Management Skills with a Bot

Time management skills in events organizing are the glue that keeps the whole event together. Leave it up to the guests of your event and they’ll understandably keep you or your event staff occupied with those little questions we all have when we go to an event: How do I get there? Where is the food? Where can I go for a breath of fresh air?

A chatbot can easily handle these questions, and a chatbot never gets stressed out or bored by answering the same question all weekend. And it’s easy for your guests to use: all they need is a phone that can text. 

A 42Chat EventBot can be customized to chat back with the tone your event requires. The bots can have such a human feel that some of our users have asked to meet the employee they were chatting with, only to discover their new friend was… *gasp* … an artificial intelligence bot all along…

Learn How a 42Chat EventBot Helped a Lacrosse League Connect with Their Fans 

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