Here's a New and Brilliant Way to Hire Event Staff in the 21st Century

Greeters, event security, booth staff, brand ambassadors, caterers, and more. That’s a lot of people to employ. As you know, it’s a big job to hire these people and a big expense to pay them. But that’s just how event organizing has been done since the dawn of time. When a Roman emperor held an elaborate gladiator spectacle, someone was out there letting people know if they were in row XV or row XVI. (That’s a little Roman numeral humor for ya). So, you know, the way we hire event staff is part of the role and has been for a long time.

But all that could be changing, because we don’t live in a sword-and-sandals flick. We live in a time of incredibly affordable and smart Conversational A.I. 

This Is the Way to Hire Event Staff in the Modern Day

Now, don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you replace your event staff with stone-faced robots for that summer concert series you’re organizing. In fact, that’s why we prefer to talk about “augmented intelligence” rather than “artificial intelligence.” The kind of A.I. that will help you most in your event support role is the kind that will augment the skills you and your staff already have. 

Chatbots are a way to save time and money and build excitement for your event. Our chatbots have a 95% correct response rate, so they’re more than reliable to give correct information. The most complex chatbots can be up and running in 6 to 8 weeks, and their tone of voice is easily customized to match your event. Hosting a wrestling match? Your bot can smell exactly what the Rock is cooking. A librarian conference? Competent and reserved, your bot will be. Actually, that sounds a little bit like Yoda, which is exactly how your Star Wars meet-up bot could be programmed to talk

Don’t Get Stuck Event Planning the Way Caesar Did

Augmenting your event staffing with chatbots will reduce their workload, leaving them time to take care of the work chatbots aren’t so good at: creative problem-solving. Your caterers don’t need to be answering questions about where the water fountains are. If a bot answers those questions, your caterers can do what they’re best at: catering. 

Bots are easy to set up and even easier to contact. Anyone with a phone that can text can do it. Of course, that leaves out all the ancient Romans in the audience, but there probably won’t be too many of them anyway. 


Learn How Chatbots Can Improve a Concert Experience

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