IAEE Expo! Expo! 2022 Chatbot Answers Guests' Awkward Questions

Every year, we’re pumped for Expo! Expo! When event industry professionals come together for an event, they have high expectations and IAEE always delivers.

With five jam-packed days of events across dozens of locations, you’re bound to have questions. Many could be answered if you dig around the website or search the pre-event emails but if you’re looking for instant answers try asking HEX, the official IAEE Expo! Expo! 2022 chatbot. He’s a really smart A.I. powered chatbot that will instantly deliver the right answer to your question by text message. 

As you’ll see, the answers really are instant. They’re also delivered judgment-free. Go ahead, ask your most awkward questions, no need to be shy. As an event organizer yourself, you’ve probably heard a few and answered them as discreetly as possible. But just think of how many are going unasked, and more importantly, unanswered.

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What’s the Big Deal if a Few Questions Don’t Get Asked?

The thing is, there might be more than a few questions. A LOT more. First, let’s consider how many questions you get before, during, and after your event, despite the fact that you’ve posted information on your website and event app, and sent out a million emails. It feels like you’re inundated with questions, especially if you’re short on event staff, but it’s probably less than one per attendee, right? 

Well, we’ve built chatbots for hundreds of events and they consistently get 3-6 questions per user! Well-designed, easy to use conversational chatbots like ours not only take questions off your plate, they also tap into unmet needs. Consider the attendee who’s frustrated with trying to find the Covid protocols. This is just one of the many topics that an EventBot can address before they end up in social media and become a PR issue.

Why Do EventBots Get More Questions Than Humans?

The answer to this question is in the headline: some things are too awkward to ask. Different factors go into making something awkward, like it could be embarrassing to the attendee (they’re feeling gastrically distressed and hoping there’s a less busy bathroom nearby). Others might hesitate to ask if a service is being provided because they don’t want to seem like they’re asking for special treatment (See the answer to Can I bring my child? in the image on the right). Some attendees simply won’t bother a busy event organizer for what they perceive to be a minor question.

So, Have You Met IAEE Expo! Expo! 2022’s EventBot, HEX?

As an attendee of Expo! Expo!, you have the opportunity to test out an EventBot before investing in one for your own event. If you haven’t yet, connect with Hex by texting ‘Hi’ to 877.358.3149. Now ask your burning questions. Ask them any way you like, his A.I. will understand what you mean. 

Don’t be afraid to get clever. Type “Tell me a joke” for a wonderfully awkward dad joke 😆

EventBots Are Powerful Tools That Can Grow Your Show. Here's How They Work.

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