How To Create An Environment For Effective Quality Networking at SISO

At the SISO Summer Conference, the greatest benefit is in the networking! Everyone in SISO is a business owner or senior executive of a for-profit show-producing organization. During any given coffee break you will learn more about the industry than you could from reading a ton of books or attending other events. 

Yet, we all know how difficult it can be to focus on a networking conversation when you’re struggling to find information in an event app, checking emails, or trying to figure out who can answer your simple question. As a SISO sponsor and provider of the Summer Conference’s official event chatbot, 42Chat strives to be part of the solution, not the problem. Here’s how.

Minimal Push Notifications

42Chat works closely with our partners at SISO to make sure any scheduled push notifications are succinct and to the point. As for un-scheduled notifications, they’re limited to need-to-know and you-definitely-want-to-know information. The latter might be based on real-time trending questions, like a surge in requests for information about happy hour. This saves you time and keeps communications strategic. 

Safety and Security at SISO

It’s no secret that there are concerns about safety and security when it comes to in-person events. While you network, you can rest assured that SISO will use the bot to notify you in the event of an emergency. The information you need will be right there in your pocket. In addition to emergency push notifications, the Chatbot is also able to update attendees on COVID safety protocols, accept vaccination and COVID test results, and inform guests regarding possible outbreaks.

Easy Information Recall

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you know that finding information you’ve already looked for can be a struggle. It’s the age old “I know I saw the answer to my question somewhere, but I don’t remember where,” experience. Oftentimes it’s somewhere in the app, or maybe it was a website you went to, or perhaps it was a long-gone email. These frantic searches in the moment for information you already had can be an annoyance at best and at worst be a complete distraction from making a connection with new friends. Event bots that use SMS texting make it easy to find the information again because it’s all right there in your text messages on your phone. You asked for the schedule yesterday and there’s the link. No searching, no fuss. Find the information again and continue networking. 


These simple communication methods help SISO create a supportive atmosphere for networking and idea sharing. Instant access to information, important communications when it matters, and trust that you are being taken care of are all essential to limiting distractions at an event. 

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