'Brianna' is a Cutting-Edge Engagement Solution for Conference Direct

ConferenceDirect is known for being a one stop shop for planning your events, which is why it makes sense that they would partner with 42Chat to bring a cutting-edge solution to attendee communication into their fold. 

Brianna, a Conversational A.I. Chatbot designed to support all of ConferenceDirect’s events, drives their ability to engage one-on-one with their attendees and develop a community for their customers, associates and partners at the same time. She can deliver the same to your event, even if you're already using a conference app. Here’s how.

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Brianna: An On Demand Conference Direct Team Member

One of the most essential elements of ConferenceDirect’s success is their global mindset, but it’s also a challenge. How do you meet the needs of customers, associates and partners all around the world in a timely way, especially in the days and weeks before an event? It’s a business problem that their clients have as well. 

Brianna is trained to be a super knowledgeable and reliable support representative, instantly responding to attendee questions 24/7 with no time zone constraints. Not only is Brianna available any time, she can be reached with a quick text. No download required. No emails to search through. No missed push notifications. No hashtags. Everything an attendee needs to know is right there in a text message at their fingertips. 

Safety Secured By Communication

For event organizers, the safety and wellness of attendees is always top of mind. Brianna is a two-way communication channel that not only provides answers to attendees, but also allows for emergency communications when something unexpected occurs. Conference Direct is known for being a trusted source for innovation and insights to help event organizers reduce costs and mitigate risk while maximizing income potential and enhancing attendee experience. Brianna can help maintain that trust.

Brianna is capable of delivering symptom screening and collecting vaccination information when needed, and stepping in when critical or emergency information must be shared. Because Brianna uses SMS text messaging to communicate, the likelihood of her messages being read is high. Our bots have a 98% open rate, 40%+ click rate, and they’re a channel that is always open. Even better – it doesn't require downloading like an event app.


Want to See What a ConferenceBot Can Do For You?

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