This Surprising Tool Makes Creating Communities Around Events Easier

When you open registration to your event, are people excited? Do they ask their friends if they’re going with wide eyes and an upward inflection? If you’re immediately thinking “No,” it might mean that your audience engagement strategies aren't working as well as they could.

We get it; creating communities is tough. We define community as a group of people who share a common interest and look to leaders for information, insights and experiences. If people are coming to your event, they probably share a common interest and you’re probably giving them information, insights and experiences. If they still scatter to the wind the moment the show is over, it’s tempting to chalk it up to a je-ne-sais-quoi factor where people either engage with your event or they don’t. 

Don’t give up yet! There’s a tool that can help you pull them in: a chatbot. 

Creating Communities Comes From Delight and Satisfaction

Chatbots are great at engaging guests because they’re easy to use (especially the ones like ours that work over regular SMS text) and provide a lot of value to the guest. 

A 42Chat EventBot creates relief for your guests by giving them a tool that instantly answers their questions. No digging through emails or an FAQ page. No hunting down one of your overworked event staff. Guests just send a text, phrased in whatever way feels most natural to them, and they get the right answer 95+ times out of 100. All you need to do is add a little information about things like the venue, the schedule, the dress code, food, wifi – all the things that your staff get asked about over and over again. The EventBot uses A.I. to interpret the questions and deliver an answer. 

What’s even more engaging about an EventBot is that it can respond in a unique tone of voice that aligns with your brand. If you’re a sports league using our TourneyBot to guide fans through your playoffs, you can extend your brand by giving the bot the same name and image as your mascot and weave your best rallying slogans into the responses. That’s high-quality audience engagement!

Don't Stop Engaging Them Once the Event Is Over

What about after the event when they scatter? The other amazing thing about an EventBot is that a guest’s phone number stays in your database until they unsubscribe – and most won’t! The positive impression left by your helpful EventBot, combined with text’s association with close relationships and easily digestible hits of information, means your guests will actually look at text messages you send after the event. Our bots have a mind-blowing 98%+ Open Rate, and targeted text messages often deliver 30%+ click-through

If you send high-value messages just to the group looking for them, they’ll keep opening your messages all year long, until it’s time to buy tickets for next year’s event. And they might just encourage their friends to buy some too!


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