What About Using a Chatbot Instead of an Event App?

42Chat EventBot on Facebook Messenger

BizBash, North America’s #1 source of ideas, news, and resources for event and meeting professionals, recently interviewed 42Chat's Kristi Colleran about how event planners can utilize chatbot technology to provide a variety of information, notifications, and customer service through simple text messaging. “It’s really easy for attendees,“ Colleran says. “They don’t have to download anything. They don’t have to learn to use an app. Everyone’s comfortable with texting and the information is there in your feed if you need to go back and look at it again.”

Bots are a good alternative to mobile apps for smaller events and also to address “app fatigue”—the idea that smartphone users are becoming less likely to download apps onto their phones.

Planners can use 42Chat's EventBot, an event chatbot, to provide information such as locations, agendas, and speaker bios, and also to conduct simple polls of attendees, all via mobile messaging.

Read the full interview here.

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