Three Bot-Based Audience Engagement Strategies Your Guests Will Love

So you’re thinking of getting a chatbot for your event… that’s great! Chatbots are the future of event tech. Our text-based EventBots are like the best employee you’ve ever had: they can instantly answer questions any time of the day or night with 95%+ accuracy, all with the professionalism of an English butler or the zing of a Sour Patch Kid (whichever fits your brand better – every EventBot is programmed with a unique name, avatar and personality).

Even if you only use the EventBot to answer questions about parking, which band is playing on which stage, or the meaning of life (seriously, try asking “DB” in the bottom right corner of this page) – your guests will have a great experience with it. 

But this blog is about sharing event planning tips to help you do MORE with a chatbot to engage guests at your event. Here are three audience engagement strategies that will level up how you use a chatbot.

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Build Hype for Your Event With a Daily Countdown

We love an event countdown. Countdowns don’t just build excitement, they keep your audience coming back day after day. 

Every day for a week before your event, send a message prompting guests to ask about a different aspect of the event you’re excited about. On day one, maybe you prompt them to ask about food options so they’ll learn about the amazing food trucks you booked. On day two, you could show off the silly side of your bot with a prompt like “Tell me a joke” (all of our bots are ready to respond with a top-notch dad joke, but you can swap it for whatever you want).

The last day of your countdown is the perfect time to drop the next strategy.

Give Your Bot Exclusive Information Not Available on Other Channels

To really drive adoption of your EventBot, even among the skeptics, give it exclusive information like a special last-minute announcement, a secret offer, or a sneak peek of your keynote’s “aha” moment. 

Use your other channels to tell attendees that you have exclusive information, then tell them how to get it from the bot. Make content so accessible and important that they’ll want to engage with the EventBot.

No Need to Be Serious; Have Fun by Hosting a Game

One of the best ways to inspire engagement with your EventBot is to make a game of it. You can approach the game in two different ways: driving people into their phones to use the bot or using the bot to get people off their phones and into the in-person experience.

An example of the former might be a trivia game where, between sessions or acts, you ask questions, and the answers can be found (or confirmed) within the EventBot.

Or maybe you might want to get guests out of their seats and into the exhibitor hall. A scavenger hunt with a prize would do it! Deliver clues through the EventBot that will lead them to the booths. 


Want More Audience Engagement Strategies? Download the How to Engage Your Audience With a Chatbot e-Book.

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