HealthShield: Text-Based Covid Screening for Businesses

42Chat, an award-winning provider of Text-based AI chatbot solutions, has announced the release of HealthShield, to help America’s businesses safely reopen after the coronavirus lockdowns. With HealthShield businesses can remotely capture CDC-compliant information for anyone entering their establishment or office via a two-step, text-based screening. HealthShield is an affordable and more effective alternative to the typical paper assessments, which are cumbersome, slow, and less safe.
Business owners around the country are scrambling to adhere to CDC and state guidelines around reopening, and have a lot to organize. New regulations, customer expectations, and simple common sense demand a new way of ensuring everyone’s safety. HealthShield allows business owners and managers to quickly provide government- approved health assessments to employees and customers on their cell phones via text – something most people are very comfortable using. A user receives a text directing them to a three-question, CDC-compliant COVID-19 survey. Once completed, the user receives either a valid green mark to enter the business, or they get a red mark, restricting their access and referring them to additional steps.
In today’s environment, customers want to know the businesses they interact with are taking precautionary measures to protect against the coronavirus. In turn, businesses want the peace of mind knowing they have a record of every transaction, are compliant with any regulations, and safe from any audits that might come their way. Because the assessment and verification are done at a distance on users’ own cellphones, HealthShield helps limit business interactions to those who have already been cleared.
“We are required to symptom check every child, coach, volunteer, and ref before they take the field – and we were struggling with how we could manage that logistics nightmare. HealthShield made it incredibly easy, we were live in hours," says Marty Wescott, Director of Intermountain Lacrosse. "Everybody texts, so everybody can complete their symptom survey quickly on their own device. We have an electronic record of every survey, so compliance is a breeze.”
“As business owners ourselves, we understand the pressures that have been put on companies to quickly adapt to this ‘new normal’ and adhere to guidelines and regulations in addition to everything else they need to do,” said 42Chat Co-founder Bob Caldwell. “Our goal in quickly releasing HealthShield is to make it easy for businesses to capture what is required to reopen and stay open, and for employees, vendors, and customers to feel safe.”
Pricing and Availability
HealthShield subscriptions start at just $49 a month. Businesses can set up their account in about 15 minutes. For more information, visit or text HSB to 25525.
About 42Chat
42Chat creates conversational AI chatbots that help clients provide instant answers and personalized connection over text (and other channels). As the market leader in deep conversational bots for live events, 42Chat revolutionizes the attendee experience by providing 24/7 interaction and engagement via SMS, Web Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

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