Automotive Manufacturer Uses Covid-19 Screening Tool to Stay Open Safe

ATC Drivetrain, an Oklahoma City based manufacturer of automatic transmissions for brands like Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, and Subaru has successfully completed over 7,000 health screenings in just 3 weeks using HealthShield by 42Chat, an SMS-based symptom screening solution that allows American businesses to safely reopen and stay open during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.
HealthShield remotely captures the CDC-compliant symptom information of employees entering daily into ATC Drivetrain’s factory all via text. Because HealthShield is SMS-based, it allows for easy adoption and compliance, and  is more effective than typical paper assessments which can be slow, cumbersome, and difficult to contact trace.
Employees receive an automated daily notification directing them to a three-question COVID-19 symptom survey. Once completed, the employee receives either a valid green checkmark to enter the business, or a red warning symbol, restricting their access and referring them to additional steps.
HealthShield enabled ATC Drivetrain to reach 100% compliance for all employees on 3 different shifts. New regulations are easily met with a full digital audit trail that records every screening into a central dashboard that administrators can easily access. With HealthShield, ATC Drivetrain can also quickly contact trace at scale.
“We started using 42chat to implement a daily wellness screening for our 600+ employees. Prior to using 42chat we were asking every employee a list of wellness questions every day before they could enter the facility. The solution with 42chat has allowed us to be much more efficient in our wellness screening process and most importantly has helped us prevent sick employees from coming to work and potentially spreading COVID-19 and other illnesses. The implementation with 42chat was quick and easy. We are so glad we found this solution and highly recommend it to other companies.”
  • Brittany Schwartz, PHR, SHRM-CP
For more information, visit Want to try HealthShield yourself? Text “Hi” to +1.833.928.2339 for a demo.

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