Two Event Registration Strategies That Will Fire Up Ticket Sales

There are great events and there are “can’t miss” events. Both might have a solid lineup, the perfect venue, and delicious food. Yet, one organizer is announcing that tickets are sold out while the other is announcing an extension to the early bird pricing (again). What gives?

When you ask people to buy a ticket to your event, you’re asking them to make an investment. Before they’ll part with their money and time, they need to be convinced that the event will be worthwhile. Convincing them isn’t necessarily about hard sales tactics or discounts – it’s about making them part of your community. 

After years of attending events and watching how attendees engage with our text-based A.I. chatbots, we’ve learned that the best event registration strategies and audience engagement strategies boil down to giving attendees what they want, when they want it. 

Answer Their Pre-Registration Questions (Instantly, and Maybe With a Sense of Humor)

As an event organizer, you’ve heard it all from your guests: Who’s on the lineup? What do I wear? Where’s the venue? Is there parking? How much are tickets? Is there a hotel discount? Can I pay in cash? Will there be food? And on and on. Answering a common question is a simple thing, but it goes a long way toward making a potential ticket-holder feel comfortable and confident in giving you their money.

What’s not so simple is responding to all the questions in a timely manner. You try your best to reach inbox- and DM-zero, but if you don’t have the hours or the staff, some of these questions can fall through the cracks, and that person will feel slighted and might not follow through with buying the tickets. 

Our EventBots can help. You just need to add a little information about your event, and when a guest texts your bot, it’ll provide an instant response with 95%+ accuracy. For even stronger audience engagement, every EventBot can have a unique name, avatar, and personality that aligns with your brand. For your country music festival, your cowboy bot might respond to “Who’s playing?” with a text that says “Yeeee-haw! you’re going to love this lineup….” It’ll get a smile from your audience members and bring them back to the bot for all their questions before, during, and after the event.

Keep Them Primed, Engaged, and Feeling Good About Your Brand

We’ve discovered something powerful that has huge potential to sell tickets: if you continue to share valuable insights with your audience in the months after your event, they’ll feel more connected to your community. More than that, they’ll keep looking at your messages right up until the time you’re selling tickets for next year’s event. Then they’ll be more compelled to buy those tickets because they’re primed, engaged, and feeling good about your brand.

Our EventBots include a year-long subscription so you can foster and take advantage of this effect. Delivering value by answering all those questions keeps your bot top of mind with your audience, which keeps the communication channel open. Our bots have a mind-blowing 98%+ Open Rate. That means when you send a message with an exclusive interview with last year’s keynote, or a merch discount, or the link to buy next year’s tickets, they’ll actually look at it – and maybe act on it. Yeeee-haw!


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