Pelotonia Brings AI to Riders with EventBots

Chat42 announces three-year partnership with Pelotonia as exclusive EventBot provider

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - February 8, 2019  – AI ChatBots by Chat42 are bringing their award-winning AI ChatBots to Pelotonia in an exclusive three-year partnership. AI ChatBots provide immediate connectivity and customized support to Pelotonia riders, virtual riders, volunteers, donors, and supporters all through their cell phones. Riders can text a question to a specified number or over Web Messenger and get an immediate response powered by the platform.

Pelotonia and AI ChatBots are integrated seamlessly to offer personalized schedules and responses to riders, volunteers, virtual riders, supporters, and donors. AI ChatBots will provide riders with information regarding each Pelotonia route, upcoming events and fundraising activities, all instantly via simple text messaging. AI ChatBots conversation design engine will answer questions 24/7/365, helping the Pelotonia community get the answers they need, faster.  

With the ever-growing popularity and complexity of Pelotonia events, AI ChatBots will free organizers and volunteers to focus on what is most important—fundraising for cancer research - and get those who are participating their answers quickly

“Using AI ChatBots will drastically improve the ability of our organizers and volunteers to fulfill the needs of every participant,” says Kris Anderson, General Manager of the Ride,  for Pelotonia. “Questions that previously required a staff member to respond can be answered automatically, to ensure our community can get the answers they need instantly. We’re excited to partner with 42Chat to create an engaging, custom experience for the Pelotonia community.”

“AI ChatBots close communication gaps using the technology everyone already has and knows how to use,” explains Bob Caldwell, Founding Partner at 42Chat. “Not all attendees read event emails and printed materials, but they do read their texts messages.”

“Of course, AI ChatBots do more than answer questions,” Caldwell continues. “Our ChatBots are a powerful tool for sending targeted notifications and personalized responses like unique schedules. And they play a key role in emergency preparedness with their ability to quickly and reliably send urgent alerts.”

Pelotonia will also have a real-time view of AI ChatBots interactions with participants. With the power of AI, they can drive engagement, identify their communities needs, and boost their fundraising.

About Pelotonia
Founded in 2008, Pelotonia was established with the objective to fund life-saving cancer research. As a centerpiece of its year-round fundraising efforts, Pelotonia hosts a three-day experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertainment, and volunteerism. In ten years, Pelotonia has raised over $184 million for cancer research. Thanks to its generous funding partners—American Electric Power Foundation, Huntington Bank, L Brands Foundation, Peggy and Richard Santulli, Harold C. Schott Foundation, , Cardinal Health, Diamond Hill Capital Management– Pelotonia is able to direct 100 percent of every dollar raised by its participants to cancer research at the OSUCCC – James.  For more information, visit

42Chat is one of the leading pioneers of AI ChatBot for customer support and the global leader for AI ChatBots .  Their award-winning solutions have been deployed for events from 10 to 100,000+ attendees and can be used for any type of meeting, conference, festival or gathering.  They have won more than a dozen industry awards including MPI WEC Tech Showcase 2018, National Sports Forum Tech Tank 2018, IMEX America #IMEXpitch 2017, SISO Innovation Battlefield 2017,  IBTM World Technology Watch 2017 and were named to CIO Review’s 10 Most Promising Conversational Platform Solution Providers list for 2018.  Learn more at

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