Premier Lacrosse League

Premier League Lacrosse: Innovative Text AI Chatbot Connects an Emerging Sports League with Fans Across the Country

Our client

The six-team Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is the first organization of its kind, utilizing a tour-based model to drive widespread exposure for the world’s best lacrosse players. The PLL wanted to see if a multifaceted Text A.I. Chatbot could help them connect with fans across the nation, improve the gameday experience, and even drive ticket and merchandise sales.

The event

Rather than being tied to specific venues and cities, PLL’s teams venture together on a fourteen-week tour of games across 12 major US markets.

The challenge

It was important to the brand-new league to deliver a superior, memorable fan experience from the very beginning.

That is a challenge when you have to do so for a new city of fans each and every week.

What’s more, they needed a solution that didn’t just facilitate fans’ experience on game- day, but to engage them in every location before, during, and after their games, driving continued interest in the league.

All while minimizing the cost.

PLL Chats


Together we launched Slash, a Text A.I. Chatbot designed to help out attendees on game day and beyond, covering 106 topics that could be asked 10 million different ways.

Slash went live just a few days before the league’s first games.

Scheduled and ad-hoc notifications via social media and text introduced fans to Slash, encouraging them to text “PLL” to learn more about rosters, tickets, parking, and much more.

The results

  • Slash responded to 3775 users with over 15,000 messages
  • 3500 hours of 24/7 real-time attendee support
  • 94.8% Correct Response Rate
  • 45% Transaction Clickthrough Rate
Top 5 Inquiry Categories:
  • Tickets
  • Schedule
  • Roster
  • FAQ
  • Streaming
PLL Chats 02

Impact and Lessons Learned

Slash proved to be a valuable member of the PLL team in connecting with and engaging fans during the new league’s inaugural season.

Slash helped fans purchase tickets, connect to team rosters and even gave them relevant information about the rules of the game.

Text notifications offering merchandise discounts had 45% clickthrough rates!

Fans even reached out to Slash telling it what a great time they had and asking about how to get more involved.

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